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About Us

Paramount Homes was built on a foundation of excellence. We are an exclusive, boutique custom home renovation and construction company that worked closely with discriminating clients to deliver exceptional results.

OUR Vision

At Paramount Homes, we feel a home is the spot in which some of life's most cherished moments occur. Paramount Homes will give you a building background that the deciding result will be a place that will genuinely reflect you.

We can take your thoughts of outline and format and help you to get precisely what you need in your new home. So our vision is simple. We want to wind up a legacy organization in the new home building business sector.

OUR History

Founded few years ago, Paramount Homes is focused on building the finest in quality homes that stand the test of time.

That is the reason we endeavour to constantly increase current standards by looking into patterns, propensities and inclinations and from that, building up the most recent devices and techniques with a specific end goal to accomplish the largest amounts of homebuyer fulfilment.

Through constant change and diligent work, we attempt to make more viable items, procedures and administrations and now, like never before, our customers consider us to be a pioneer in home advancement and innovation.

  • Our team is extremely persevering and committed towards their work, without these individuals we couldn't give the nature of homes we do! We cherish every single one of them and appreciate their talents - they are genuine experts of their trades!